Lesson Learned // Unlock Your Potential

Hello guys! It's been lovely days for me since my boyfriend sent bouquet of flowers (and a doll, and chocolates too!) on Valentine's day. The favorite thing from my Valentine's gift is the flower bouquet. So I took some photographs of them (and upload some to Instagram!), I love doing photography recently and I want to improve my photography skill.

When I took some photos, I was thinking about something that disturb my mind lately. I was thinking what are we going to do in the future, will I be working for myself a.k.a be my own boss? Or working on someone's company. For me, I love to be my own boss. But then I realize that being your own boss will take much time. Time to build your empire. You can't build your empire just in time, like, "Abracadabra! I've graduated and tomorrow I will sit on my chair in my own empire". You just cannot do that. You have to invest for yourself from NOW. I mean, investing could be saving your money day by day, even just a little; or maybe practicing and improving skills you have. I suggest to take internships on a business you like. By doing so, you will learn new things on business even just a little bit.

And that's why, I think every girl should know what's her potential for her better future. I saw in real life that many girls use their time for hanging out day and night. Well, I think hanging out is okay if you're already know and improve your potential for your future. I think it's a little bit wasting time by hanging out too much. By unlocking your potential, it will help you to create your empire, and even help you to find a great place for working. So girls, unlock your potential!